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PortionVesta is an emerging Fintech startup with its eyes set on dominating the fractional real estate investment sector. Our expertise is integrating a vast array of property data sources and statistics to present them logically, enabling our users to act confidently and swiftly in their property investments.

We were looking for a Consulting partner who would become entrenched in our business, ambitions, competitive challenges and everchanging market place. After a rigorous search we came across SilverQuest.

SilverQuest has made our technology business agenda their own. They assigned a highly dedicated team of specialists to assist our team with Secure Architecture, Cloud fluency, Micro Services and Error Management. SilverQuest expertly attended to all aspects of the project, from the Design and Process engineering workflows right through to Development and Payment architecture.

Their management team worked closely with our business to ensure visibility was always maintained. This enabled a number of key enhancements to be identified and implemented during the build phase.

I would highly recommend SilverQuest Consulting as a trusted software consulting partner for their meticulous attention to detail, professionalism and commitment to produce exceptional software for our business.
Co-Founder & Head of Technology
The team at SilverQuest has been far more than one who delivers outstanding sleek and intuitive software. They have been and continue to be an excellent source of advice and insight in every aspect from design, through to testing and deployment.
Managing Director
Footprint Consulting
I engaged SilverQuest last year to develop a WebApp for my company Footprint Consulting. My whole experience has been very positive; the team was highly skilled and committed to helping us achieve our desired outcomes.

They were easy to deal with, helpful and always focused on providing the best solution possible. I highly recommend John Kim and his team at SilverQuest.
Ara Irititja
The SilverQuest Team shared our passion to preserve the culture, history and language of the Pitjantjatjara people in Central Australia, and so volunteered their services to rebuild Ara Irititja’s website to showcase our multimedia archiving project.

The team was open to receiving feedback and responsive to our requirements and suggestions which made us feel included and in control of the process. This made the daunting task of modernising our site with new technology seamless and efficient.
Dora Dallwitz
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